Soothing Baby Teething Mitten

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Green Style 2
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Light green
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100% Safe For Babies 

  • Made with 100% premium quality Food-Grade silicone, soft and durable, BPA, Lead Free, 100% Safe for babies.
  • The textured material helps massage sore gums, provides relief to emerging teeth, and makes a nice crinkle sound that keeps the baby entertained.
  • These mittens are also great for keeping babies from scratching their skin and accidentally poking their eyes.


Baby-Treat Teething Mitten Pic1 

Parents Love It Just As Much As Babies Do! 

  • Could be worn on whichever hand baby prefers and stays on baby's hand all the time.
  • Specially designed teething part to easily fit the baby's mouth and comes with adjustable Velcro strap to prevent the baby from dropping it.
  • Super easy to clean, and machine washable, which saves you time.

Baby-Treat Teething Mitten Pic2

An Awesome Gift For Anyone With A Baby!


Baby-Treat Teething Glove P5


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