Premium LED Baby Electric Nail Trimmer Set

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Never Worry About Cutting Your Child’s Nails Ever Again!

  • Protect your growing baby from scratching their own baby soft skin by gently trimming their nails with a safe baby nail file.
  • Safely and quickly trim and polish your little one’s toenails and fingernails using the Baby-Treat™ Electric Nail Trimmer.
  • No need for unsafe nail clippers; this electric trimmer is safe and easy to use.

 Baby-Treat LED Electric Baby Nail Trimmer P1

Lightweight, Easy To Use, And Versatile

  • This nail trimmer is lightweight, compact, and super easy to use with only 1 button.
  • You can simply operate the modes by one hand, and 360° all-round exquisite polishing makes toenails and fingernails softer and smoother.
  • Baby nail trimmer has a front LED light, effectively ensuring to use it even in the dark, and it is whisper-quiet enough which allows you to use it on your baby even when they’re a sleep. 


 Baby-Treat LED Electric Baby Nail Trimmer P2


10 In 1 Nail Care Kit For Babies And Adults

  • The manicure set can be used for newborns, infants, toddlers, kids from 0 to 12 months or above, as well as adults.
  • This baby nail file has 10 grinding heads, 6 colored sandpapers with 3 textures, which are designed for different stages of babies’ growth and various needs.
  • It also comes with 1 cylindrical grinding head and 1 metal grinding head for adults, as well as 2 soft grinding heads for polishing.


Baby-Treat LED Electric Baby Nail Trimmer P3 

An Excellent Gift 

This LED electric baby nail trimmer is an excellent gift for friends, family members and anyone with a baby. Compact, lightweight, and easy to gift. 



Premium LED Baby Electric Nail Trimmer Set
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