Baby Bath Kneeler and Elbow Kneeling Rest Pad

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Give Your Arms & Knees Much Needed Rest!

  • Take the pressure off your knees and elbows and enjoy bath time once more.
  • Our baby knee pads have a thick memory foam, a comfortable design, and a solid support system, which allow you to have a wonderful experience while bathing your little one.
  • This premium bath kneeler and elbow rest pad ensures the comfort of both baby and parent!


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Optimal Grip to the Bathtub and Water Resistance

  • This well-made bath kneeler set is wrapped in quick-dry neoprene to speed up the air-drying process!
  • The bath kneeler and elbow rest pad pair are secured in place by four powerful suction cups and an anti-slip base.
  • Made entirely of breathable mesh to prevent moisture buildup.


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Space-Saving Organizer

  • Conveniently store all of your child's bathing necessities in one location.
  • The baby bath cushion, which has 4 ventilated toy organizer compartments, is the ideal addition to your baby's bath time routine. Your baby bath necessities should always be close at hand!
  • When not in use, you may hang it anywhere with the white webbing hook and Velcro opening to dry at your leisure in preparation for your next usage.


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An Excellent Gift

This comfortable baby bath kneeler is an excellent gift for friends, family members and anyone with a baby. Very practical, compact, lightweight, and easy to gift.




Product information

  • Material: diving material/scuba fabric
  • Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 Kg) / Size: standard
  • Bath mesh classification: T - shaped

Baby Bath Kneeler and Elbow Kneeling Rest Pad
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