Stackrobats – A Fun Children's Educational Development Set

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Have Fun, Learn, and Grow All at the Same Time

  • Create a Pirates Tunnel!
  • Make a Stackrobats pyramid!
  • Discover clever ways to connect pirate blocks and maintain balance!

Children learn by exploring, experimenting and asking questions. Stackrobats is a fun game that gets children interested, motivated, and engaged in learning something new.

It helps them improve their independent thinking and problem-solving ability by figuring out clever ways to use the stackrobats and create fun structures with these fun building blocks.


Unleash The Creative Power Residing Within Your Child

Stackrobats combines both fun and learning into one playful learning set.
With 12 pirate blocks and two balls, a variety of level challenges, creative ideas, children can complete all levels, and even unlock the highest level while having so much fun doing so.

Stackrobats is perfect for kids of all ages and is a safe and an enjoyable way to encourage your little ones to unlock their creative intelligence and achieve more.

Make Learning New Skills an Effortless Task for Your Little Ones

The Stackrobats is a great Jenga-like educational tool. It gives your child the ability to stack and unstack these little “pirates” in so many different ways and structures.

Without even realizing it, your little ones will be able to identify different geometric patterns, develop visual & spatial intelligence, as well as build focus and determination as they strive to unlock the next challenge.


A Safe Game to Play

  • Stackrobats is a safe and easy to play game for children ages 3 and up.
  • Each stackrobats toy box contains 12 pirate blocks, 2 balls, and a manual.
  • Each piece is made from hand-polished sustainable MDF wood and is surface-painted using water-based environmentally friendly paint.




Stackrobats – A Fun Children's Educational Development Set
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